Revised Radiocarbon Dates for Mwanihuki, Makira: a c. 3000 BP aceramic site in the Southeast Solomon Islands.


  • Natalie Blake University of Sydney
  • Martin Gibbs
  • David Roe


Solomon Islands archaeology, radiocarbon


Excavation of three middens on Mwanihuki, located on the north coast of Makira in the southeast Solomon Islands has returned radiocarbon dates that show an initial occupation bracket between 3351±42 BP and 2975±21 BP (uncalibrated). The material culture of this phase consisted of a small amount of subsistence shell and worked chert, and an absence of any ceramics. This date range, along with the absence of the distinctive Lapita type dentate stamped pottery has aligned phasing of this site with the contemporaneous aceramic Vatuluma Posovi cave site in central Guadalcanal.

Author Biography

Natalie Blake, University of Sydney

University of Sydney PhD Candidate




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Blake, N., Gibbs, M. and Roe, D. (2015) “ 3000 BP aceramic site in the Southeast Solomon Islands”., Journal of Pacific Archaeology, 6(2), pp. 56–64. Available at: (Accessed: 10 December 2022).



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