The long-term history of Teti'aroa (Society Islands, French Polynesia): New archaeological and ethnohistorical investigations


  • Guillaume Molle Australian National University
  • Aymeric Hermann Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, CIRAP
  • Louis Lagarde University of New Caledonia
  • Benoit Stoll University of French Polynesia


Teti'aroa is the only atoll in the Windward group of the Society Islands, French Polynesia. It has been described in the ethnohistorical record as a secondary place of residence for the Tahitian royal family of Pare in the 18th Century. However, Teti'aroa’s history beyond this remains relatively unknown as the atoll is archaeologically understudied. Here we report the preliminary results of a project, started in 2015, which aims at documenting the long-term occupation of Teti'aroa. We present the survey and mapping of the archaeological remains and discuss the monumental architecture, the relationships with neighbouring and distant communities, and investigations of the historical copra plantation.




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Molle, G., Hermann, A., Lagarde, L. and Stoll, B. (2019) “The long-term history of Teti’aroa (Society Islands, French Polynesia): New archaeological and ethnohistorical investigations”, Journal of Pacific Archaeology, 10(2), pp. 55–62. Available at: (Accessed: 25 February 2024).



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