Rethinking Hinterlands in Polynesia

  • Nick Belluzzo College of William & Mary
  • Summer Moore College of William and Mary
  • Jennifer Kahn College of William and Mary


Hinterland studies demonstrate the capacity to highlight nuance in regional and temporal variation in the Polynesian past. This Special Issue highlights a group of papers which focus on recent topics and themes drawn from case studies situated in different parts of the Polynesian region. In this article, we summarize the history of hinterland studies, introduce the articles and themes from the Special Issue, and, finally, consider the future of hinterland studies, providing thoughts on a compelling but under-studied avenue of inquiry.

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Belluzzo, N., Moore, S. and Kahn, J. (2020) “Rethinking Hinterlands in Polynesia”, Journal of Pacific Archaeology, 11(1), pp. 1-9. Available at: (Accessed: 1December2021).
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